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Picture Of The Month

Our Captain Risky

Easter Fishing Trip  Burrendong Dam Wellington

9/04/09 - 13/04/09

Views from a Campervan.

An eventful trip to say the least. My first mistake was putting my father & Esky in the back seat. Boy could they talk. Just ask the copper that breath tested me in Bathurst. Thought they would get me in trouble for a while. Second mistake was listening to my fathers directions and driving right past the campsite to the dam wall 10km detour? However we got there and set up camp in the dark on Thursday evening. The weather was cool and the camp ground packed but we had a good spot right next to the loo's. Friday saw our first attempt at fishing but from memory only the Sleaman camp caught fish. Ian's tinnie developed and over heating problem which was found to be the thermostat putting his boat out of action. Come Saturday the weather turned sour and rain fell for most of the day. Most headed into Wellington to resupply and escape the weather.  Saturday Night was a different story with the inauguration of our new president Ian and his first BBQ. With rain threatening we combined resource's and put up tarps and as you can see in the pictures had a great bash. Over all the weekend though, damp was a success, we didn't catch many fish but a good time was had by all. Other notable events of the weekend included a frantic woman trying to take over our campsite, Alan's transmission blowing up, Esky pulling a tent peg out of a water pipe flooding the area and Andrew's rendition of the drunkards waltz.

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