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Picture Of The Month

Our Captain Risky

Lake Lyell (Lithgow)

Date: 16/5/09 - 17/5/09

Views from the camp fire.

On a weekend in May 2009 the gallant team from BWC Small Boats & Recreation Inc. set off to tackle Lake Lyle. The annual trout trophy was up grabs & most members arrived before sunset on the Friday evening giving plenty of time to setup camp. The weather was bleak with storm clouds building and the occasional gust of wind was felt. It was a reasonable turn out with 6 boats attending. Notably no women arrived perhaps that was the first clue to the pending events that followed.

The run of luck began with Roger suffering two flat tyres on his trailer during the trip up. But did that deflate his spirits? No! Then to add insult to injury Rogers Air bed went down. So did that deflate his spirits? No! He went to Lithgow the next day and bought a new air bed. But you guessed it as this bed also deflated . Roger seemed to hang around the camp fire later than usual Saturday night, only to have his jacket catch fire from a stray ember. But he still went fishing Sunday good on you Roger.

 But back to Friday night. As darkness fell the winds increased to gale force, the odd rain shower fell and the temperature dropped below comfortable. But this did not deter our seasoned fishermen; Crusty simply put more wood on the fire as the camp chairs moved around it for the camaraderie of friends. But then the unthinkable happened Smackers tent collapsed under the strain of high winds. But did this stop him ? No he still slept in it see pictures. Surely this  must be the end of tale but while our interpreted group accessed the tent a thunderous crash came from where the boats were parked. Upon inspection it was found the wind had blown Andrews’s boat a complete 180 degrees around sending it down a tree covered slope. Did this stop our heroes no they simply anchored the boat to a tree so recovery could be attempted in the daylight. During this time Smacker emerged from under his tent wondering where everyone had gone, not knowing about the boat. Looking towards the campfire black plumes of smoke billowed, racing to the fire he found two unattended camp chair had blown in and only the frames remained.

So did this deter our fishermen? No we still went fishing and caught a grand total of two trout by Steve and Joshua and two rubber thongs by Andrew. Yes it was cold, it froze eggs in their shell but a good time was had by all. And you wonder why we drink.

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