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Picture Of The Month

Our Captain Risky

Hill End Recreation Trip 

Date: 15/5/10 - 16/5/10

From the Drivers seat of the mighty Commodore.

The laughter begun watching Roger fight with his unco operative automatic gates while picking him up for the trip. But we eventually assembled at Crusty's our fearless Sherpa guide place who was still packing? Travelling in convoy fashion our 6 car brigade headed off into the wilderness with only a hope to keep them going? Destination Hill End! Only to pull up 200 meters down the road as Andrew had forgotten something & didn't have keys to get back in? Never the less we eventfully headed over the Great Divide on what could only be considered a rather cool morning. Just out of Bathurst we were pulled up by road works. Sue seized the opportunity to stretch her legs & run along the cars tapping on windows & scaring the crap out of our weary travellers. Unfortunately not all the cars she scared belonged to our group? What a way to make new friends? You Go Girl? Not long after, we left the bitumen & headed along the infamous Bridal Tail. The vista's of the Macquarie river gorge were only surpassed by the billy goat track on which we travelled. But worth the challenge. I can still hear Roger screaming "stay away from the edge or watch the road" in some what more colourful language than just quoted. However the magic of what was around the next bend had us all spellbound & you really had too wonder how they tackled it by horse & cart in days gone by? The numerous photos tell the rest of our story.  Hill End is very inviting the Pub the town & the accommodation all great. I brought home many treasured memories from that weekend. But sitting around the campfire Saturday night I realised sharing it with people in our club makes anywhere fantastic

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