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Picture Of The Month

Our Captain Risky

October Long Weekend Swansea

Views from the Campervan

    2010's last grab for points in the fishing comp was at the quant seaside hamlet of Swansea. Most members setup camp on the Friday at Swansea Gardens Tourist Park close to the boat ramp nominated for weigh in. The amenities where excellent with abundant shower\toilet blocks , BBQ huts along with playgrounds for the kids.
     Six boats attended consisting of Outside Comp; Team Seascrape BWC
11 Captain Col Crew Bruce, Keith B & Keith S, Team Bluefin BWC8 Captain Ian Crew Smacker & Darren, Team Lazabout BWC12 Captain Tony Crew Christine & Mathew.
Estuary Comp; Team Reel Mate BWC14 Captain Steve Crew Moanna, Team Olagas BWC1 Captain Allan & Team Crusty BWC13 Captain Andrew Crew Steve.
     Marred yet again by wet & windy weather our gallant fisho's did battle with the elements & managed to get outside or find a sheltered bay on the Saturday. However disaster struck for Team Crusty upon launching their boat with a starter motor failure. Undeterred Steve fished from the bank on Sunday, those trade mark stubbies he wears easily visible from a vast distance. Team Reel Mate also suffered equipment failure when the crew sat on & broke a $500 graphite rod. Luckily the Captain regained his cool and reframed from making them walk the plank? Most members presented fish for Saturdays weigh in then cleaned up for the Club BBQ that evening. Of coarse Ian had the biggest bag of 11 Flathead, however all was forgiven when he catered for & cooked yet another excellent BBQ. Notably on the evening Mathew introduced his new Squeeze?
Sunday saw Team Seascrape first in the water but on attempting to cross the bar launched 3 meters into the air then having to battle the swell further out to sea before they could safely turn back for the protection of the channel. All braving the wet & windy conditions on Sunday choose the safer harbor of the channel & Lake Macquarie. Keith S caught  flounder & what would become the biggest fish of the event. Besides no one wanted to be far from the ramp the NRL Grand Final was that afternoon & we where headed to Swansea Workers Club to watch it.

 All in all  we had fun, there was to much to do and on Monday we headed back to Sydney exhausted but content?

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