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Picture Of The Month

Our Captain Risky

Windang Estuary & Outside Comp

Date: 13/11/10 - 14/11/10

Four boats met at the Windang Fern st ramp at 6am Saturday for the first fishing trip in the New comp. BWC11 Col & Bruce, BWC15 Garry & Darren & BWC23 Brett, Keith B & Hayden for the outside comp, along with BWC14 Steve & Moanna for the estuary comp. As low tide was due 7.48pm plus the swell coming from the NE the out flow from lake Illawarra had waves breaking at the bar mouth & crossing it was testing on our skippers. The swell came in sets of 3, with at least one breaking, but there was about a 4 min lull before the next set, so it was ready set go, get out of the mouth and away from the island. Thankfully all got out safely & then we set about the business of fishing. However by about 1pm the swell had increased from the expected 1m to 3m & the winds from the excepted 10 knots to around 20 knots, on & incoming storm front. Thus our skipper's made the call to head back in. Col in BWC11 was the first to attempt the bar and made it successfully. However Brett in BWC23 while riding the back of the swell had the unfortunate situation where it broke in front of him so he backed off so they didn't go down the wave face, but by this time the following swell had caught up & broke over the back of the boat washing all of them into the cabin and capsizing the boat. Luckily the cabin provided a sustainable air pocket & once Bret regained sensibility swam from underneath then reaching under brought his son Hayden out and eventually Keith Berry who was still disoriented to what was going on! With their life jackets still on they made for shore with people on the rock wall assisting them. Thankfully all safe.

I believe Brett was the Hero of the day he lost his boat but saved his crew. But mention also needs to go to Col & Bruce who headed out across the bar again attempting to offer assistance. Plus Steve who as acting Captain of the Day kept everyone advised & co ordinated members on the situation. Ultimately I'm very proud to be a member of a club that bands together to help each other.

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