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Picture Of The Month

Our Captain Risky

Mooney Mooney F1 Ramp

 8th 9th January 2011

Having fished a muddy Hawkesbury the month before & caught nothing, I was pleased when Ian offered a spot on his boat to go out wide. The water was like glass and we flew out to our first spot just off Summer Bay. But alas 3 Trawlers were working the coast & pickings were scarce. Moving around a lot we eventually came across a patch of Flathead. Where I'm pleased to say I out fished Beavis. Pushed for time & the seas getting choppy we got drenched trying to make it back in for the 2pm weigh in. When finding smoother water near Brooklyn Ian gunned the 100hp & time stood still, we were flying. Between the two bridges we came across the 2 Keith's Boat crawling along just above rowing speed. They'd burnt out another set of coils in their new Mercury motor & weren't impressed at the Yamaha's performance of speed. All was forgotten at the ramp we all had stories to tell & fish to weigh in.

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